The Lost Ark: Comes the Rain

The Lost Ark is a project that brings to the limelight our unique Australian fauna and flora in the aftermath of the bush fires and the previous draughts. As we go by, the grasslands are coming back to life and we are looking at the possible ways in which we, as artists can raise awareness of all the conservation work that needs to be done.

“Comes the rain” – the latest video in the series – is a gentle approach, observing healing, resilience and beauty.

Original score by Harvey Welsh Images by Akka Ballenger Constantin © 2021 Ballenger/Welsh

#photography #music #mixedmedia #multidisciplinary #contemporaryphotography #wildlifephotography #wildlife #wildlifewarriors #canberraart #Canberra #cbr #cbrarts #canberraartists #australianartist #australia

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