Permission to Disappear

“Permission to disappear” is tackling estrangement as a result of feeling overwhelmed in a fast paced, perpetually transforming world.

This body of works aims to explore how we perceive and become aware (or stay oblivious) to any movement around us. My images defragment and reconstruct transformation and the many ways we flow along the many other parallel changes within the very same environment.

akkaballenger 2019

Since Picasso and Braque, we have been given new eyes and a new sense of perspective to make sense of this perpetual change.
From the very conception, our bodies are continuously changing, growing and evolving. We move and we are moved. And when we need it, we give ourselves permission to disappear offline, to wonder at this movement and attempt to capture it before it changes again. 

The exhibition comprises a variety of artworks ranging in sizes from miniatures to A3 format. The mediums used are photography and printmaking, interlinked with poetry.

The audience is invited to be an active part of this exhibition; everyone can contribute by writing and drawing their own thoughts in the Exhibition Visual Diary, detailing how the images inspire them.