A Hat of Many Dreams

“A Hat of Many Dreams” is a contemporary collection of portraits and stories depicting individuals of our Canberra here and now. For almost three years, Akka Ballenger Constantin has spent her time interviewing and photographing people from all walks of life, hoping to open an honest dialogue by exploring their dreams: current and forgotten ones.

All sitters have two things in common: they live in (or are connected to) Canberra and they agreed to share their story. The artist’s role is to engage them and capture their essence the way it emerges from their discussion.

In Akka Ballenger’s words, “Our shared purpose is to build up a broader view of our community, by introducing individuals and their stories. My project’s most important role is to document our moment in time for the future generations. A straw hat – the hat of many dreams – is what interlinks individuals and their stories, prompting the dialogue. The sitters wear the hat and talk about their dreams and how they see themselves. During this shared journey, we sit down together and rediscover their dreams. I guide my sitters with the same set of questions, but ultimately the story line for every portrait and its corresponding interview is given by each individual and their innermost dream”.

Read their stories on the A Hat of Many Dreams blog here: http://ahatofmanydreams.blogspot.com/

This project has been presented in a double exhibition hosted by Strathnairn Arts and Ginninderry’s Link building.