“This Painting Is A Book (Please Read It)” Series

“This Painting is A Book (Please Read it)” series is a ludic exploration of art space and public interaction, challenging norms and behavioural patterns. 

It is customary that one should look with their eyes and not with their hands, while viewing art on display. As an artist working with children every day, I embrace their playfulness, answering their quest with an artwork they can touch, examine and interpret in their own way. 

Explore at your own peril: just like a gamer’s Easter Egg, “This Painting is a Book” invites the onlooker to inspect, prospect, seek and decode. The findings might be rewarding; colours, words and senses are mixing and suddenly this painting IS a book without you knowing.

“This Painting is a Book (Please Read it) II – The River “ is currently on view in the Ginninderry Drawing Prize exhibition at Strathnairn Arts Association, ACT.
This Painting is A Book (Please Read it) I – Oiseaux” has been Part of the Linear /Nonlinear exhibition at Tributary Projects, ACT